Jon Bernstein
To a New World: Photos and Impressions of America in 1937

Edited by Claus D. Bernet & Judy Mandelbaum
ISBN 978-3-945865-00-2
Geb., 80 Seiten
16,90€ (D)
17,40€ (A)


One summer day in 1937, Jon Bernstein left his home in Budapest, boarded the train to Hamburg, and embarked on a journey to America. He never looked back. In a series of photos and journal entries, this hopeful immigrant recorded his reactions and impressions upon leaving his native soil and envisioning a new life on the North American continent. This book reproduces a selection of those photo, thoughts, and aphorisms, capturing forever the thrill of exploring a New World for the very first time.

Sometimes, all a person needs to do is just appear at the ticket desk and pull out his wallet. Just show up at the construction site, or at the workbench, or in the office, and get cracking. Just walk to a crossroads, weigh his options, and take a single step.

A single step is half the journey.

That which I truly desire, desires me in return. Our attraction is always, at the deepest level, mutual. Does a ship’s engine propel me toward a distant coast, or is my new home drawing me to itself by all available means? The answer lies not in the realm of fact, but is solely a matter of perspective.

Rome was not built in a day, nor were the great works of our own age created by people who were afraid to get dirt under their fingernails.